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Mobility Products

At Professional Respiratory and Rehab we carry of comprehensive line of mobility solutions including walkers, rollators, manual wheelchairs, scooters (POV’s) and motorized wheelchairs. We recognize that many patients face mobility limitations that impair their ability to participate in activities of daily living. We further understand that the appropriate solution may be an item of convenience such as a scooter. No matter the situation, our expertise is working with the patient/customer, the family and, if necessary, the clinician to determine the appropriate path forward. At Professional Respiratory & Rehab we carry products from the top manufacturers such as Pride Mobility, Drive Medical Products and Sunrise Medical. 

  • Jazzy Power Wheelchairs
  • Drive Titan Power Wheelchairs
  • Quickie Manual Wheelchairs
  • Drive Manual Wheelchairs
  • Drive Rollators and Walkers
  • Pride Go-Go Scooters (Retail Only)
  • Pride Victory Scooters (Retail Only)
  • Pride Scooter/Power Wheelchair Carriers (Retail Only)
As with all of our products and services we’re committed to being your local and reliable mobility provider.


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